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Mark medonis at dorkbotPDX

About me, Mark Medonis
I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1991 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in control systems, and have been building robots ever since. When not working on Maxwell the robot, I work by day as an electrical engineer in Vancouver, Washington for Sekidenko, Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Energy Industries headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Find out more about Advanced Energy on the web at I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Jen and our two cats Wasabi and Kimchi.

About Medonis Engineering
After building robots for a decade or so, I formed Medonis Engineering in 1999 to work full time on Maxwell. Along the way, I came up with commercial versions of some robot ideas to offer for sale. This was also meant that Maxwell could finally get some polish and not look so scruffy. I had to get a real job in 2000, but still maintain the store to sell some products to those dedicated folks building humanoid robots and animatronic projects, and hobby robot builders in general. Because I love building robots and I think more people should build them. - Mark

07/15/2012 - Updating info on power supply design
07/08/2012 - Posted new video clips of facial recognition features
01/30/2003 - Revised Maxwell animatronics page, updated About page
06/09/2003 - Revised online ordering for easier use.
04/10/2003 - Added Maxwell assembly photo page
04/05/2003 - Minor cleanup, added more info on Maxwell
11/01/2002 - Maxwell kit released
03/09/2002 - Some minor cleanup, new logo graphic
10/08/2001 - New speech synthesis version with joystick control released
01/13/2000 - Robospeak PC Speech synthesis and automatic lip sync software released
01/04/2000 - ASC16 released
10/25/1999 - Battery Booster 12 released
09/07/1999 - Battery Booster 5 released, first product
06/21/1999 - Web site birthday.

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