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MXE Pyrometer PCB

Maxwell - Animatronic Robot Head Kit
Includes wood parts, hardware, face, five servos. Move head left and right, move eyes left and right, move the jaw. Download free software to run it from your PC. more info


Serial Servo Controller - Mini SSC II
Controls up to 8 RC hobby type servos from a serial port of a PC, Mac, BASIC Stamp, or other microcontrollers. Powered by 1 9V and 4 AA, C, or D batteries. Or attach a Battery Booster 12 to eliminate the 9V battery. more info and accessories

Battery Booster12

Battery Booster 12
Battery eliminator Circuit for Mini SSC II serial servo controller board from Scott Edwards Electronics. Use just servo battery pack and no need for 9V battery. Includes mounting hardware. Assembled and tested. more info

Battery Booster 5

Battery Booster 5
DC-DC converter kit with 5 volt output, at up to 100mA, from input voltage range 2-6 volts. Get 5V from a 2, 3, or 4 cell battery pack. Perfect for a BASIC Stamp. Requires soldering. more info

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