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Battery Booster 5

Battery Booster 5 board
The Battery Booster 5 is an electronics kit that connects to a 2-4 cell battery pack and outputs 5.0 volts at up to 100mA of current. Requires soldering.

Download the assembly instructions:
Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format

Price: $15.00 + shipping (US dollars)

For Mini Sumo Robots and Animatronics

The Battery Booster 5 lets you run RC servos and microcontrollers such as the BASIC Stamp from the same four NiCad battery pack. Removes need for separate 9V battery for BASIC Stamp.

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For longer run times of microcontrollers

The Battery Booster 5 provides 5 volt power to the BASIC Stamp from even a 2 AA NiCad or NiMh battery pack. Also, using those rechargeable batteries, 2 AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries with the Battery Booster 5 run the BASIC Stamp 25-35% longer than a 9V alkaline.

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